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Abigail F. Jones

Attorney & Mediator

My goal is to help individuals resolve conflicts whenever possible through mediation or negotiated settlements between parties.  I believe that individuals who must continue to have functional relationships, whether to raise children or run a business, will succeed in the long run by finding satisfying resolutions to their conflict without active litigation.  


I am an experienced attorney, practicing family law in Centre County, Pennsylvania since 2018.  Prior to that, I practiced environmental and energy law in both Pittsburgh and State College. I trained in mediation at The Conflict Lab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Additional Experience:

  • Judicial law clerk, Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania (2011-2012)

  • Environmental engineering consultant, ARCADIS U.S. (2005-2008)


J.D., Duke Law School (2011)

M.S.E., Princeton University (2005)

B.A./B.E., Dartmouth College (2003)

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